Friends who are 10 000 miles away

Today a really good friend of mine wrote me for the first time in a while (not about running at all, you can relax!). I actually haven’t seen that person in about… 3 years, not for the lack of willingness – she lives in South America.

That made me think. After all the trips, travels, studying and working in many countries, every time it is so sad to leave people behind (I remember the first time people came to see me off at the airport when I was going to live abroad…).

So maybe I encountered some of those people just for a few brief months. But they were there for me during that time, we discovered a new country together. Enjoyed and suffered from the change of life, each in our own ways.

But I like to look for a positive side of things in life, because I do believe that for everything that happens to us, ultimately, we have to find a way to use in a constructive manner.

So – behold – I want to share why I think it is great to have friends from around the world, despite the fact that it is so sad when you have to leave them behind when one of you moves on.


  1. Well, quite obvious first point: You Have Friends From AROUND THE WORLD!

How cool is that?! You have spoken to people from every continent out there (if you were as lucky as I was), or at least a couple of countries. There are so many things that are obvious for international people that are utterly unusual for others. Example?

* You forgot your window open back home and that goddamn monkey entered your room for the umpteenth time? (Umm… what? Monkey? More than once? Did I say what??!)

*You feel indifferent about kangaroos, now that I mentioned them. And love the Christmasy feeling of a BBQ at the beach (You have kangaroos!! Do they really jump? Can you pet them? Are they all over the place?? Don’t start me on the beach party…)

*You think that the most well-known fact about New York is that it used to be called New Amsterdam (duh??!)

* ….

2. Chances are, you have travelled quite a bit! Isn’t that amazing in itself? 

You have seen places you have dreamt to visit. You maybe had to leave them what felt too soon. But: you-have-been-there! And you met with people you can relate to almost instantly. People who love the same things you do, who decided to take the risk.

3. You can always find an excuse to visit them. And it is an adventure! 

Travelling is like having a sweet tooth: you can abstain from chocolate but only for that long… If you loved travelling at any point of your life, you might not be able to give it up. Maybe you grew up and settled down, but remember that place you didn’t get to visit during your last trip to Bolivia? That local meal you didn’t get to taste in Peru? The cool people you once met from Taiwan you swore you will meet again? The amazing people you were living with in the United Kingdom?

Well – you can! You have friends living at all of those places. Even if you cannot crash with them, they surely can help you finding your way about. And most importantly: you will have a chance to actually meet those people again!

4. A new perspective

Speaking to people from around of the world, even if you haven’t actually left your country, makes you see things through a new angle. Question what you thought was absolute (and for me, sometimes render it obsolete: said kangaroos… apparently no one commutes on them!). People are people wherever they are. And I was incredibly lucky to have met some of the greatest people since I left my home almost a decade ago.

5. The Food 

Of course, you can learn new recipes and ways of handling food ingredients from the Internet. But there is something romantic about learning those skills from a person. Makes things more…. personal! And of course, it makes for some really amazing fusion cuisine! I now use Chinese Spicy Sesame Oil in nearly everything I make.

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  1. I once knew a girl who thought that cooking spaghetti was simply boiling it: cold water, open bag, pop in, let it boil, turn off, serve, eat. Thankfully she traveled and now knows how to cook.

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