Half-marathon training: why on earth!!?

So how do you do that, if the last (and only) run you did in your life was to chase a public transport vehicle?

I do not know.

But one day, I woke up and realised that I had already decided: I will run a half marathon in 6 months. That was back in November, if I can trust my Facebook feed. (oh the joys of Social Media!).

Truth being told, I did some running attempts in the past, mostly after aforementioned motor objects but also in a foresty-city-wall-thing a year or so ago. That is, in my best days I could do a 5km “jog” with the average pace of a gliding backwards snail.

DISCLAIMER: I am NO PRO by any means – please enjoy my misfortunes on paper and do not try that at home or elsewhere. If you want to run – great –  but consult your GP/grandma/coach before you do so. And please please do not take offence. If anything I wrote offended you – too bad, I did NOT mean it that way.

Delftly yours,



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