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Ensure Project Consistency?

When you are considering giving the go-ahead for a new project, it is very important to first examine all aspects of it, notwithstanding timeframe, recourses, and of course, cost. Many companies are worried that their industry-specific requirements might prevent them from using a general solution, and that following generalised steps might lead to critical omissions. Furthermore, they have a lot of data from various sources, limited time and deadlines to meet – how to make sure everything goes smoothly, all the time?

While it certainly is the case that each industry has its own idiosyncrasies, we are here to tell you that the process itself – the project lifecycle – is always the same regardless of its size or type, and if you subject it to adequate control management, you will enjoy smooth process.

Below I have included a graph to visualise what I mean:

Universal Lifecycle Project Process Lifecycle

However, none of those steps would be possible to follow without having the right budget for your particular project – and constantly controlling it to be within your particular cost estimation.

Moreover, what if you could also have a forecast, so that you can be prepared for several scenarios?

Foundation of quality control: improvement that leads to significant savings 

According to the International Standardisation Organisation, the base for quality control is continuous improvement. We are here to tell you that it is possible to make it a part of your process, and save significant resources – monetary and in regards with your equipment.

That is achieved with the help of our Cost Control Improvement Cycle, which includes three special techniques (more you can find here), which also takes into account the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – and ensures you save on maintenance by 20 to 50%! Your yearly recurring savings will be increased, without you having to burden your equipment with unnecessary wear. Finally, all of these significant savings are also not in any way violating the Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) compliance.


The Knowledge 

We have unparalleled cost estimation and cost management skills. We not only can estimate your budget and manage it in the best possible way  – we can also make a cost forecast through our software platform. I know that there are many Excel functions which can come to aid when making a cashflow or a snapshot of the status quo. However, every department involved in the project benefits from having all modules of cost management in one place, on one platform. And having a visualisation of it! Then, you can make your economic decisions, based on an easy to comprehend, reliable base.

Furthermore, we have incorporated the expertise of not only our coders but also of many engineers and professionals, who have contributed to our knowledge database over the past 20 years.

Procedures and Guidelines

All our processes have passed the same test that yours must – of continuous improvement, following the best practices of the market, and always returning readable, comparable outcome.

Our software provides an easy and user-friendly interface, where you can have an overview of the workflow in addition to the computational capacity.

We also provide you with a free e-learning environment and as much support as you need in order to get the best out of the software.

Relationship Analysis 

Therefore, for tailored competitive outcomes, we offer you cost analysis based on your particular industry, with relevant historical data collection and benchmarking. It is very important to set your results and cost in the context of your industry, in a continuous fashion.

One of our tools to achieve that, is Cost Relationship Analysis (CRA). With it, you receive an empirical analysis based on cost drivers and cost behaviours for each aspect.

Final Words

We know that for you, it is greatly important to have the exactly right figures, in order to set your budget appropriately. And be able to manage the cost thereafter.

Not only do we offer you a tool to do just that, we go even further – we provide you an environment, which is module-based and integrates all aspects at play. We have more than 20 years of experience, and we constantly tune to the current market requirements.

And lastly, you get to reduce your production cost and equipment wear!

You can find more information on Cost Engineering on our website,, and read more about the Cleopatra project here and here.

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