Running on the… ice

Ever wondered, why people go out and jog in all sorts of adverse weather conditions?

No, me neither.

I have only wondered what people were doing running in the park at 5am, when I was going back from a friend’s house or a party. And only briefly. And what’s with the determination? You could sleep ’till dawn, for f*uk’s sake….

And yet, somehow I found myself going out for a jog the other night, at around 1am. Don’s ask me why, I have no idea myself. Apparently, people can change. Even if said people didn’t notice that change themselves!

So, I live in a rather rainy geographical spot, imagine my surprise when I started gliding down…bridge (there are no hills in this place, along with slopes and other 3+ degree inclinations in any direction). But the bridge, oh the bridge – I almost sat straight on my behind due to carelesness and the gravitaion, equal parts of each.

The run-of-the-day was supposed to be a 5k Conversation Tempo one. Some conversation that would have been! So I only managed half of it, and butterflying through all the ice spots, careful to only step on the darker parts of the street. So careful, indeed, that it wasn’t until I was in front of my door that, upon further inspection, I noticed that the darker spots were “dark ice”… Ah well.

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