Week 1 of serious series of s… training

And so, here I am again – just came back from my 5k Conversation Tempo run!

But allow me first to tell you about my running plan. As an aspiring amateur runner, I approached the problem scientifically: googled a bunch of stuff and decided which one looks best on paper (no, not on Google scholar, that might actually have yielded some actual facto-logical material).

As you (don’t) know, I only started running outside of the gym, and regularly, in the beginning of December last year.

So with that super solid experience behind my back, I was sure I can make a reliable judgement on what is good for me….nope. Actually, the training plan I found if a freely available pdf file written by unknown person (probably someone like myself trying to introduce some structure to their “routine”?).

So after a 19km run last Sunday (not part of the infamous pdf) – today was my first run.

The routine I am following is not a routine yet. It is the first time around for each of those exercises, and I – as always – am afraid I might quit it before time.

But I will try to stick to it, despite today’s precipitation amounts: it is wet, and cold. And hailing! No, I did not run in the hail, not yet at least.

Nothing too exciting from the evening. I somehow end up always running around midnight or close, so I get the random-est encounters with people. Usually old drunk/junkie weirdoes who ask me whether I am not cold in a language I mostly don’t speak (no need for them to know that!). Mmmmm… yeah, I am totally NOT cold, it is not like there is cold rain dripping in my neck, and I can’t change the songs on my phone because my fingers are too numb to feel my way through the screen….

So, to sum up:¬†after a Body Pump, a short Yoga session, the Gym and today’s run, I think there is some hope for me to complete Week 1 .

I only have an Ollieballen run for 7ish km, and an 11km left for the weekend…. What could go wrong??


Yours delftly,


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