Yes, this blog.

It all did not begin in Delft. Obviously.

But Delft is where it really came to life.

My travel-running-wishful-thinking blog (if in any doubt, check the title again!)

So please come with me where I am afraid most of my friends might be bored to death coming along, and I almost expect to see them wince and uncomfortably fidget every time I begin a sentence with “oh I remember when I was in…” or “that happened to me in [insert random country] but…” sort-of-rant. You are at an advantage, you can just quickly click yourself away from here!

As I begin to try to give a story line to all that (and don’t forget the running!), my fingers are itching to start checking flights. To South Something – Sudan, Asia, America….

But I will resist that urge for now, and really begin my story from the middle – the present.

If you can bear with me, I am pleased to interlude you to my first Blog Post: Half Marathon, or how much exactly I… h-a-t-e running!!

Delftly yours,




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